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Arena Commander 0.9
Today is a very important day - the release of Arena Commander v0.9. While Star Citizen could be played before, this is the first version which includes the ability to deliberately play together.

For ICO, it means that we will be taking our first steps into the world of Star Citizen as an organization. Our three immediate directives are as follows:

1) Assist each other in becoming better pilots. Experienced pilots should give lessons and advice to the less experienced ones, while the inexperienced pilots should be soaking the information like sponges.

2) Use our acquired skills to play together against other players, building up our reputation and ramping up the recruitment drive. The leaderboards are also online now, and ICO members must appear very high up there.

3) Have fun!

I'm still downloading the patch, so I'm yet to figure out how to use these new "friend codes". While I'm figuring that out, please join me in our org chat, which you can access by clicking here. I will be joining this chat every time I'm ready to play Star Citizen, and I encourage you all to do the same.

If you have trouble joining our chat channel, visit your RSI account settings and make sure you only have "ico" in your Autojoin Channels. Joining other channels may cause unnecessary load and problems.

This is just the beginning, but it will determine our success in the future. The better we learn to fly now, the better the reputation we build, the more members we recruit - the better we'll be able to perform our duties in the final game, and the more fun we'll have in the process.
Change of Leadership in TSW
With the release of Arena Commander, it is time for me to fully devote myself to ensuring the success of ICO in Star Citizen. That means I will not have enough time left to be an efficient leader in TSW. I would rather be a good leader in one game, than a mediocre leader in two.

ICO deserves a good leader. Instead of just going inactive and taking up the spot, I am voluntarily stepping down as the General of ICO in TSW, and entrusting that duty to Gidoug. He has been an officer in ICO for a long time, and, during that time, he was instrumental in establishing the American part of the cabal. I am confident he is up for the task.

I am ceasing my activity in TSW as a player too. It's been a fun game, but I have experienced everything it had to offer and no longer find it enjoyable. I may check out Tokyo and other new content at some point in the future, but I will treat it as a single-player experience.

To those of you who stay in TSW with no plans to play other games: it's been a pleasure to fight alongside you, and I am grateful for your help in making ICO into what it is today. You made ICO the strongest cabal in TSW, and, going forward, I hope you will make sure it stays that way! I am not abruptly disappearing - I will continue to visit the cabal site and hang out in Skype, so, if you want to talk, feel free to hit me up. :)

To those of you who have enlisted into our Star Citizen division: see you in the 'Verse!
The Winners of the Anniversary Competition
The time's up, and the results of the Anniversary Competition are now known! Huge thanks to everyone who participated! You greatly helped expand the cabal bank and fill it with actually useful stuff.

The results are as follows:

3rd place goes to EequalsMC2 with 24,181,037 points. He'll be flying RSI Aurora MR.

2nd place is taken by Morcadiss with 75,214,027 points, who gets a stronger RSI Aurora LN.

And the 1st place was justly earned by HonneyBunny with amazing 170,451,765 points, which awards him the stylish Origin 300i.

HonneyBunny, having already pledged for Star Citizen, was kind enough to gift his prize to the 4th placed competitor - Gidoug.

Thanks again for participating, and see you guys in the 'Verse!