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The Secret World #2
Starting today, I have officially regained the leadership status in TSW. Sadly, I couldn't reach Gidoug or Rarewave to assist me, so this was done through the help of GMs. This also meant that I couldn't ask Gidoug and Rarewave to delegate their current rank, and TSW doesn't allow demoting members of the same rank, so I had to remove them from the cabal in order to prevent multiple members with rank 5. I'd like to stress that this wasn't done out of any bad feelings towards them - they are welcome to rejoin ICO in TSW at absolutely any point in time.

I'm going on a vacation starting tomorrow, and I will return on the 24th of July. That's when me, and everyone who offered their assitance, will log into TSW and start working towards rebuilding ICO's former glory. It will be a lot of work, but I have utmost confidence in our success.

P.S. Whoever translated ICO into "Illuminati Combat Operatives" in the cabal's MotD - RTFM. We are, and will always be, "Illuminati Covert Ops".
The Secret World
I would like to announce that I have put a series of events in motion, which will ultimately lead to my return to TSW. I do not yet know how long this return will last, but I do know that I cannot possibly return without rebuilding ICO to its former glory.

Restoring ICO is no easy fit, so this message is my call for help. If you are still loyal to our cause and want to see ICO reborn in TSW, please contact me - this way, I will know that I can count on your assistance. I've already gathered a small task force, but every additional active veteran player will greatly increase our chances of success.

The estimate timeframe of my return is the second half of July. To anyone who will assist me in this - I sincerely thank you.
While we're patiently waiting for Star Citizen to release, a few of us have banded to play a bit of Overwatch. It's a new game from Blizzard that resembles Team Fortress 2, but has more unique characters (21 compared to 9) and a more dynamic gameplay (here's a video of it). So far, our merry band includes me, Shirael, Ducko and Jhupiter. We played a bit of the open beta, and now waiting for the full release (scheduled for May 24). If you'd like to join our gang, feel free to contact me in Steam (Cogneter) or battle.net (Cogneter#2661, Americas region).

Another multiplayer game I'm looking forward to is Titanfall 2. I really liked the first installment, and hopefully the second won't be much worse. It has no release date yet, and how much I commit to it will depend on the state of Star Citizen at that point in time. Inevitably, SC will reach the point where it has enough content to be entertaining, and that's when I'll start the recruitment drive.

It felt really good to fight side by side with some of the guys in Overwatch, and I'm looking forward to meeting with the rest of you again!