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The News, Pt. 3 (ICO in other games)
The last piece of news today will be a little less gloomy than the two previous ones.

As always, despite what might befall ICO in TSW, I would very much like to save as much of our original team, so that we can play other games together. This will allow ICO to carry on, rather than die completely. The only games where I can assure ICO's success are the games that I find genuinely enjoyable, so these are the ones I'm trying to recommend.

I have previously mentioned that I enjoy playing Overwatch, and, despite my expectations, I'm enjoying it still. I thought it would be a short-term interest, but Overwatch has somehow managed to stay fun, and I regularly play its Competitive mode. If you would like to join me there, feel free to add me on BattleNet: Cogneter#2661 (Europe, but I don't mind switching to America or Asia if your ping is better there).

Star Citizen is also steadily marching towards its release, although not as fast as I was expecting. Not too long ago, it added a new "Spectrum" functionality, which comes alongside the long-awaited org forum functionaly. I have previously intended to use this site (ico.mn) as a redirect to our new Star Citizen forum, and I'll probably do that, but only after we finish with this whole SWL debacle. In the meantime, drop by to say "hi" on our new Star Citizen org forum, and also join our org from the main org page.

I don't have long-term plans for any other games, but I would like to hear your suggestions for other games you'd like to play as ICO in. If you have any such suggestions, or you simply want to chat, feel free to contact me in Steam - my Steam ID is still Cogneter.
Spiderbaby on April 15 2017 18:29:47

Welcome back, Cogneter. This weekend, I am going through my hundreds of bookmarked sites to see which are still active and updated. It is good to see that there are community figureheads "leaving a porch light on", so to speak, for a prepared move into new game environments. Simon and I will be doing the same for our club. We wish you and ICO the best.

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