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The News, Pt. 1 (Cogneter's confession)
Hello everyone.

It's been a while since I last posted, and today I'll be posting three pieces of news instead of one. There are some important news regarding the recently announced Secret World Legends, as well as some Star Citizen updates, but before I get to those, I would like to explain myself and my, let's say, rather underwhelming recent "return" to TSW.

The explanation starts with my motivations. I make it no secret that I am very proud of what I, as well as everyone in ICO, was able to achieve in TSW. For a long peroid of time, we were widely regarded as the strongest PvP cabal in the game. Unbeatable, fearsome, respected. Operation Blue Dawn, which brought down the domination of 70 Templars in Fusang and which ICO spearheaded, was notorious enough that even the Game Director mentioned it (and me personally) in one of his interviews. Those were the good days, and I always wanted to relive them.

It was really hard for me to abandon ICO in TSW three years ago. I had a good idea of what would happen to it if I left, and it was precisely what happened. But the game was so extremely not fun to me at that point, that logging into it daily was feeling like a burden. That's not how a game should feel, games should be fun. I tried to delay by unlocking all possible achievements in TSW (even all those horrible 10k farms), but then I did. So the best I could hope for was to entice you all to come with me to a new game, which I would actually find fun - that is Star Citizen. Some of you did come, and I'm very grateful for that - we will yet have plenty of space adventures together!

Back to the topic of ICO in TSW though. As years passed, the thoughts of returning back to TSW crossed my mind more and more often. I needed a catalyst, a final straw that would entice me to return to TSW and rebuild the glorious ICO of the past. And I found that catalyst last summer - I found a girlfriend, who had previous experience with TSW, who was also looking forward to returning to TSW, and who was willing to help me with running the cabal.

You know the next part. I announced my return to TSW, rallied a bunch of ICO veterans, caused a big spike of ICO activity... But couldn't maintain it. Some members felt underwhelmed, some even questoned my motives and accused me of breaking my promises, and, in the end, that burst of ICO activity vained. So you might be wondering what was going on with me during that period and why.

Before I proceed to explain myself, I want to say that ICO has always been a very leader-centric cabal. Some guilds and clans have wide networks of officers, who can maintain and even develop the guild in the event of their leader disappearing or stepping down, but that was not the case with ICO. ICO was very dependent on having a strong leader, and, as such, I only hold myself responsible for everything that happens with ICO, and for not using the opportunities that I myself have created. So I can only explain the vaining of activity in ICO with my own personal inactivity, which I will detail below.

The catalyst I have discovered, which was supposed to motivate me to return to TSW, has proven to be somewhat ironic. Yes, me and my girlfriend had some good fun times in TSW together, but, after that, we had to move to a new appartment, which took away all of our gaming time. At one point, I literally haven't played any game for weeks. So much for being a gamer. And then, around December, me and my girlfriend had a sort of a falling out, at which point my catalyst was gone.

I tried to bring myself to come back to TSW since then, but there are two main reasons that prevent me from doing so, and they are the same reasons why I haven't played TSW before my "return":
1) I'm feeling very guilty about what happened to ICO. I know it was unavoidable, unless I forced myself to daily play a game that was completely not fun to me, but it was still my actions that were the main reason of ICO's downfall in TSW. So it's hard for me to log in and look the few remaining active members in the eye, although I'm extremely grateful that you guys are still sticking around, despite everything.
2) I'm still not finding TSW fun. I was hoping that, after taking a break for a few years, I would find new appreciation for its gameplay and combat mechanics, but it just didn't happen. If I took ICO completely out of the equation, I would not even consider playing TSW, because it's not a game that I find fun, relaxing and enjoyable in its current state, especially after I have already seen most of what it has to offer.

So, there you have it. I hope this explains my recent actions and motivations, so they won't seem too erratic to you. I should've explained myself sooner, but I was feeling a bit too guilty to communicate, and was subconsciously trying to sweep this all under the rug. I am really sorry for disappointing those of you who expected more than I could deliver.

Currently, I do not know if I'll be returning to TSW again, especially in the light of the recent news about Secret World Legends. And this news will be the focus of my second news piece.
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